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11th June, 2013

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A fashion photographer. Who   is he?

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Fashion photographer turns any picture into a work of art

Nowadays, the most  valued aspect  in  any  work  is a creative approach. In the art of photography today, the most sought-after, highly paid and vibrant specialty is professional fashion-photography. In a narrow sense it is photos of various fashion shows, collections of clothing or jewelry famous fashion houses, and in a wider sense - it is about the genre of glamor. Fashion-photography is the epitome of modern fashion trends, reflecting the present era.

Only a professional possessing an unusually high level of creative imagination, which in itself is an extraordinary personality, capable of generating the most unusual, interesting, creative ideas can  become a good fashion  photographer. At the beginning of the  last century the basis for all future fashion-photography was laid by such well-known masters as S. Beaton, Horst and E. Steichen. The image of an ideal glossy magazine was founded in the 1920s. Then, a trend of interesting photos of this variety began  to  appear, gradually displacing the fully graphical images that were present at that time in the printed press. A great influence on the formation of this trend in photography  was made by the art avant-garde.

A new round of development  the fashion photography was able to get after the war. At present, this line of photographic  art is not only extravagant, unusual and creative, but even scandalous. In these pictures we see fixed style, atmosphere and overall mood of our times. Photographers of this trend do not hesitate to put into their  work the most unusual, bold, innovative ideas that sometimes contravene the  public opinion.

According to the very famous fashion-photographer, Claudia Goetzelmann, the value of  fashion-photographs lie in the imagination of their creator. Therefore, to work in this direction without creativity is simply impossible

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